Friday, February 3, 2012

Nursing Cover

To make this Nursing cover you will need:
Material measuring at least 20in high and 70in long (This size fits most)
Satin Binding (optional) 

 First cut your material to the correct length
 Fold the edges in about 1in and sew with a 1/4 in seam allowance. This creates an opening in your material to insert the elastic in later.
Next, if you are using the satin binding you simply open it up under your material, lining the inside fold up with the edge of your material.
 Then fold over your material and pin in place
 I burn the edges of my satin binding so they don't fray, you don't want strings hanging off of something your baby will be eating in! Also, I swear I didn't mean to be flipping you all off in this photo. Ha ha.
   Because Satin binding is hard to keep perfectly straight I usually use a zig zag stitch, and sew it "cute side up" so that I can keep it even along the edge.
 Because this is what my back usually ends up looking like. It's not nearly as straight and neat.
 My adorable "helper" for this project :)
 Next cut two strips of elastic 22in long and thread it through not just the satin binding, but also the opening you created in your material, which gives it extra strength. I pin a safety pin on the end of my elastic to make threading it through a million times easier.
Once you get the elastic all the way through you can pin them together so you don't lose either end and do the other side. After that you sew the elastic together, and pin the raw edges of material together and sew the whole thing into a big elastic tube of material.
And you have a simple DIY nursing cover! 

To put it on you put one arm through the top, and keep the other arm inside to support your baby. You wear it kinda like a beauty queen sash. :)

These are my favorite covers because in my opinion they give the most coverage. When your baby is little you can tuck the whole baby inside the cover, and when they are bigger you can have half of their body sticking out the bottom. As your baby gets older they won't be flashing your goods to anyone, because this cover actually stays in place! The only issue I have ever had with it is when my little girl was a newborn and still needed help latching, it was a little hard to maneuver around inside of it and see what I was doing. But once she got better at latching on herself I wouldn't leave the house without it!


  1. I love this! I wish I had a sewing machine! I love this new blog too... I wish I were as crafty as you are! Until then though, I will just look at all your fun ideas :)

  2. this is awesome!! im pinteresting it!